Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tie One On ~ Holiday Apron

Here is my apron for the November/December Tie One On

A festive apron with an obi sash - perfect for serving cranberry martinis! The back is joined with velcro, and one small snap to keep the connecting half of the bow in place so you don't have to tie the obi each time (here are the instructions for how to tie one, just in case) The sash is embroidered with the same design as the main apron fabric, and it is quilted (though that doesn't really show up in the picture).

Firsts for me in completing this project:

*Quilting - In some ways I wish it showed up in the picture better, but then perhaps I am glad it doesn't, as it probably looks totally amateur.

* A pattern-less project! - I have been sewing since the eighth grade, but have never been brave enough to venture out on my own without a pattern. Sure, I used some guidelines for making a basic apron, but the general design was my own!

Finished just in time to celebrate the new year with friends. I wonder if I am always the last submittal for TOO? Perhaps that should be another New Year's resolution - to stop being such a procrastinator!

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my house is cuter than yours said...

Your apron is my favorite this month!!!! i love every single thing about it! and i love your photo!