Monday, December 26, 2005

My First Gocco

(You can't see me, but I'm doing the happy dance)

A totally unexpected Christmas present

I mean, I guess I can't say totally unexpected, as I had put it on my Christmas list, but I figured my parents would not know what it was, why I was asking for it, or where to get it, so it was kind of wishful thinking. But, I guess with the power of the internet, my Mom was able to figure out the what, why, and where of it, and now here it is! (more happy dancing)

And here is my first print

Who knows? This machine could be the start of a new business opportunity. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, and I think I even know what niche in the craft-for-sale arena I see as kind of an untapped market. More on that when I post my New Year's Resolutions. For now I have to find the closest outlet for buying replacement bulbs and screens for the Gocco - you definitely don't want to be wasteful with those, or make any mistakes! And I must promote the Save Gocco campaign to make sure they don't stop producing the printers or supplies any time soon. Another resolution - learn how to modify blog to include links and buttons and stuff!


Miss Eagle said...

Can you tell me exactly what Gocco is? It looks to me like a great big rubber stamp.

Mugu said...

OMG! I was looking to buy this exact same item on Ebay the other day, before it ranged out of my are so lucky (I looked it up, costs a neat sum but you can assemble your own kits). I accidently found it while looking up silk screens and thought it was the most nifty craft product I'd seen in a long time! Have fun making cards while I'm green with envy here!