Monday, December 05, 2005

Mele Kalikimaka!

After hours of beading and wrestling with the glue gun, our 2005 Christmas tree is up!

It's a luau/tropical theme, if the leis, grass skirt, and tiki tree topper didn't give it away. To those of you that attended BT's graduation luau this past summer, it may appear that I just dumped the remnants of the party on the tree

but I assure you that each adornment was carefully placed with care. About 1/3 of the decorations are store-bought ornaments (Hilo Hattie, Ron Jon, a local shell store), 1/3 are items that one may not think of as Christmas ornaments, but were used as such, and the remaining 1/3 were crafted by me. These reindeer clamshells are my favorite

Why a luau-themed tree? Well, besides BT being a swanky, tiki kinda guy, I thought I would save some money on this year's theme tree by using some of the decorations from the luau. I'm sure that helped some, but I still ended up spending a lot on this year's tree. BT asked if next year we could just use regular
(read inexpensive) ornaments and decorate a normal (read does not require an explanation to our houseguests) tree. I said no can do - I've already been scoping out the stores I need to hit the day after Christmas to stock up on ornaments for next year's theme.

** Additional pics of this year's tree are posted on my Flickr account. I also posted pictures of last year's Cowboy-themed tree, as I was not into the blog scene back then. The cowboy pics are first - I'm not used to working with Flickr yet to determine how to organize the pictures into groups, but I'll figure it out eventually.**


my house is cuter than yours said...

Nice job! I love the tiki used as a topper! I can't believe you already have that many presents bought/made AND wrapped!

BTW~ I do have a few sets of the pbr ornaments left for sale if you are interested! And I have been seriously considering opening my own little shop ...just have to find the time!

telfair said...

That is one fine looking tree!
I love the luau theme, it's so clever...I never would have thought of something that cute.

Cristina said...

Too funny! A luau tree, so cute! I wonder how long the Captain Morgan's will last around your lush friends... I love the Spongebob ornament, it reminds me of the episode where Spongebob brought Christmas to Bikini Bottom. :)

BT said...

...i'm swanky?!