Friday, December 09, 2005

Gifts from Grandma

Following Stacy's submission for the October Tie One On apron, I started thinking...hmmm...whatever happened to my Grandma's craft stuff? My Grandma passed away just over 10 years ago. My aunt and uncle moved into my grandparents' house, and didn't have the heart to get rid of a lot of things that were left there. So, I asked my Mom to ask my aunt and uncle if any crafting items remained in the house. I received a box last week containing:

A sewing basket, an awesome pair of pinking shears, and some of my Grandma's lace doilies...

Miscellaneous sewing patterns (please note that I was hoping she could make the red jumper on the right, the one with the flower drawn next to it, by November)...

This pattern was particularly heartwarming

It is for a robe that I remember my Grandpa always wearing in the mornings, drinking his coffee, listening to the radio in the kitchen, commenting on world events in a manner only he could get away with (for some reason when I tried to describe something as being a pile of donkey shit, I got in trouble).

**Additional pictures of patterns posted on Flickr**

There were also a few craft books, and my Grandma's crochet needles

You gotta love anything that is "Gay and Gifty."

And one more highlight, the pattern for one of my most prized possessions - a teddy bear afghan that my Grandma won first place for at the County Fair

My Great Aunts gave me the afghan itself shortly after my Grandma passed away, but I always wondered if she made the pattern up, or where she got the idea.

Overall it was very touching to go through the box. One aspect I will not be able to keep, and made me instantly teary-eyed, is the smell that was let out when the box was opened - cigarettes, White Shoulders perfume, and a damp smell from my grandparents' basement. These may not seem like good smells to you, but for me they represent my visits to see Grandma and Grandpa many years ago. Coming downstairs in the morning to freshly squeezed orange juice, my Grandpa engaged in his monolgoue concerning the state of society, my Grandma doing dishes, always having her hands busy doing something, her hair in pin curlers. As soon as they saw me, my Grandma would say, "There she is!" and ask how I slept the night before. She'd start unbraiding my hair so it would be kinky for the day (my Mom never learned the technique for tight braids that would stay wavy all day) As as small girl, I loved being the center of their attention. As I got older, I'm sure I just came into the kitchen and started sulking, wondering why I wasn't home spending the summer with my friends.

But, I have a lot of fond memories of my grandparents and their house. I'm glad I still have the opportunity to visit the house when I go see my aunt and uncle. I am honored to have some of the tools that she used to make the clothes and crafts that were important to my family. A big thank you to Joe and Dede for sending the box, and for being sentimental types (like me) that have a hard time throwing stuff away!

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my house is cuter than yours said...

Aww! i loved reading your reminiscing. The story about the NOVEMBER pattern is too funny!