Monday, December 12, 2005

Classic Rock Party Bowls

This past weekend was our friends' annual Classic Rock Party. The party was fun, and it was nice to spend Sunday in San Diego (my hometown). Here is a quick pic of the record bowls I made for our party hosts

(Sorry - forgot to bring the tripod, so pic is a tad blurry)

**Update: Here's a better picture, as the bowls were being made**

It was fun to pick out the records for this project at the Salvation Army (each cost $1). I found that though there were some (marginal) "Classic Rock" records in the bins (Neil Diamond, Carly Simon), the older records had more interesting labels, and would make more intriguing bowls. The older records also have great covers. Since I presented the three bowls as a tower, I did not make the boxes that were also described on the ReadyMade website. I saved the covers, though, and may use them as boxes for Christmas presents. I may have insulted a few of the music "purists" at the party, who believe every record has value, but I think the record bowls are a great way to use old LPs that probably were never destined to hit the turntable again. Rock on!

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my house is cuter than yours said...

I love the bowl in the foreground! And the one in the back left has a really interesting shape! I never thought of stacking them!