Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas "Craft" #3: Done

Now who's the odd deer out?

I don't know if Christmas cards count as a craft, but they were handmade by me*, and in record time I might add. After screwing up my own order with Impress, the store was nice enough to expedite shipping of the multiple items that I forgot to include in my initial order. Those things were here when I got home from work, and I dropped everything else so that at least some people on my Christmas card list might get their cards before Christmas! I have never been so late getting cards out, and I apologize to anyone that thinks I have slighted them.

It seems I am behind with everything this year! I had to go to two post offices this morning to find one that still had Christmas stamps in stock. Speaking of the post office, I have to share one quick story before I hit the hay - At the first post office, which is also the main post office for our area and therefore the most crowded, I had to drop off a package that was too big to fit in the bin next to the self-service station (just an inch or so too big - I really did think it would fit!) Anyway, this post office is very large, and has 8 or so clerks behind bullet-proof glass. The clerks take large packages through a special door at the end of the counter. So, of course I was not going to wait in the mile-and-a-half long line to drop off a package that already had been paid for. I waited by the special door, assuming somebody in line would be using it soon. The next person in line uses the door, and I slipped my package in with a quick "It's already got the postage on it" to the clerk. As I'm walking out, I can sense a grumbling, and then I hear "You'd think somebody never had been to a post office before."

Oh geez...

I mean, please tell me if I did something wrong, here - I don't want to break the unwritten rules of post office etiquette. I would not expect anyone to wait in line if they were in a similar situation. Usually this post office has an attendant that walks up and down the line asking if anyone needs any forms or has any questions. She helps the little old ladies use the machines in the lobby, rather than waiting in the huge-ass line to buy their one stamp. In the past she has taken my large packages and waits by the special door, and nobody grumbles at her. But, she was not at the post office today, and that guy in line was not as helpful.

Pondering this further, I think I've had a run-in with that guy before. It was at another local post office, one that did not have a lightboard in the front indicating when a clerk was available. "That guy" assigned himself the duty of instructing everyone when it was their turn to go to the counter. More specifically, he would become frustrated with anyone that didn't run up to the counter the millisecond the clerk became available, and used noises and gestures to demonstrate his exasperation with humanity. For example, he would make a grand sweeping motion with his hand to the first person in line, and say something like, Well go ahead! So, I was next in line, and the clerk that would have assisted me left the counter. He did his little ushering motion, and I said, haughtily, I think I'll wait until she gets back - you never know when someone is going to go on break or something. That day, he did not have a reply for me. Today, I could not think of one fast enough for him. Score is tied in the battle of Jennifer versus her nemesis - that impatient yet oblivious post office guy - yeah, that guy.

*made by me, but not designed by me.

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my house is cuter than yours said...

Sounds like that guy was a jerk at the post office! and I love your christmas cards...So they were made from stamps? Sooo cute!