Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Craft #1 & #3: Finally Done, & Done

**Update: Slightly better pictures added - it is definitely a New Year's resolution to learn how to take better pictures!**

The Finger Puppet theaters (or theatres, as my gift recipients are all master thespians) are finally finished! Sorry the pics are terrible, but it is to be expected given the real time* at which these photos were taken.

For the boys

For the girls


In action

One last minute addition

Since the puppets did not sit side by side inside the pencil boxes as I originally thought, and instead I ended up creating 6 "compartments," I needed one more puppet to fill the empty space. Enter Mr. Froggy...or Lizard...or whatever their little creative minds want him to be.

The theaters are not the most durable things in the world, but I hope they at least make it through Christmas Day. They were fun to make, but a tad more work than I was anticipating. I think next year everyone will get books.

One more filler craft was also completed today

A replacement wonton for my parents' cat. The card is an apology from Chuy (our dog), who regrets destroying the original wonton over Thanksgiving. I love that picture...

Anyway, off to catch a few zzzz to prepare for tomorrow night's candy making extravaganza!

*Time of this post is changed to protect my poor mother's heart, who is worried enough about me staying up too late this week working on crafts.


BT said...

"I think next year everyone will get books."
--I thought the little boogers were suppose to get books THIS year.

my house is cuter than yours said...

You are making such cool stuff for everyone for Christmas!!! I love the finger puppet theatres; and the wonton cat toy is so cute and clever, I had never heard of them before... I wish I could knit!

Cindy said...

Trying to get some Christmas ideas. I love these! How did you make the puppets?

Also, How did you make the "Snowman?" That is one of my all time favorites for kids. The video has such beautiful music. It looks like you printed on fabric? What a cute idea!!

I really want to make more of my gifts this year----especially for my kids!