Friday, December 23, 2005

Can you see the light?

I wish I could say yes, but I still have two projects to complete, not to mention Christmas dinner to plan, shop for, and make for Sunday.

Here are components of the wine gifts (x5) that went out to our friends last night

Yes, the coasters are shamelessly influenced by those made by Jenny sold at Sew Darn Cute. I apologize for my crafty plagiarism, but the design is pretty simple, and one could say universal? And of course they were gifts, not for sale or anything. I do not feel as bad about making these as I did when I made tag blankets one year - possible copyright infringements were involved. But try telling that to this happy guy

Of all the gifts and crafts I have bought/made this year, I was the least happy with the wine gifts. I was a little rushed in sewing the coasters
(had about one hour to complete 20 of them), so they are a little wonky. I wanted to make the wine charms (a la Shrinky Dinks), but then I changed my mind and went with store-bought ones. Which are fine, except there are 2 trees in the set, which kind of defeats the purpose of having wine markers (though they have different colored beads). Then, what's up with the cheap-ass wine? I really should have just bit the bullet and went for something a little more classy, but at the time I thought the ER was cute and festive. Please only bring this out after your guests have been drinking awhile and can't taste how horrible it is. Oh, and since I was so rushed to get the gifts completed, I did not put gift tags on them. We ended up leaving two on doorsteps of friends that were not home. So, either they will figure out that the gift was from us, or just be content that some wine elves dropped by with a little Christmas cheer.

Back to the paintbrush and knitting needles (not for the same project - I wonder how that would work?) At least I have today off from work. Oh, and just to add another level of chaos, our washing machine is totally backed up, and I have to wait for the repair guy this afternoon (and wait, consequently, to do the upteen loads of laundry that have piled up here since we stopped using it). Ugh!

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