Tuesday, November 22, 2005

T-day in two days!

We're off to Arizona tomorrow for Thanksgiving! This is the first time in a few years that I have not hosted Thanksgiving at my house. I am willing to relinquish control of the food, but couldn't resist making a few table decorations

I'd worry about insulting the hostess, if it wasn't my mom - I know she'll appreciate the favors. I'm also bringing my collection of Johnson Brothers china. Since I only have a setting for 4 (and my dinner last year exceeded 20), I have not had the opportunity to use them yet. They will be perfect for BT, my parents, and me!

The leaves express what I am thankful for in relation to each person, the knitted acorn pattern was found here, and the fabric - I wanted to look at additional patterns online, but do not remember the designer name from the bolt, and the i.d. on the piece of fabric was cut off during printing. I know it's a shirting repro fabric - may be from the Kirk Collection?


telfair said...

You are so talented...your china is beautiful and your Turkey day favors are so thoughtful & perfect, little pieces of art. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lilli said...

My grandmother had this china pattern. It would come out for holidays, and otherwise go back into storage. For everyday at her place, we would eat on melamine.

Nice to see it again :)