Friday, November 11, 2005

Surprise gifts for a friend

This weekend is our friends' son's first birthday. So, I bought him a little gift. Then I thought his three-year-old sister, Emma, would feel left out, so I bought her a little coin purse filled with stickers. I've also been meaning to send Emma some paper toys from The Toy Maker, so I printed those out, too. This week, I started kniting a random little bag, and when finished decided to fill it with Christmas things for their mom, Jennifer. Finally, I packed up my October apron for Tie One On, as it always made me think of Jennifer when I looked at it. So, here is the resulting package that is going out tomorrow

Jennifer will either be very touched by my thoughtfulness, or think that I am a little touched in the head. I mean, it's one thing to do something nice for someone, but I may have gone a little overboard. I didn't spend very much money - in fact getting rid of the Christmas stuff is probably a good thing in anticipation of pulling out all the decorations in a few weeks. And I saved the rest of the box of Choxie for me (have you tried it yet? It's nummy). Well, I had fun putting the stuff together anyway, and I would be very touched if someone sent me an unexpected package (but no pressure to anyone reading...)


gkgirl said...

this is my first time being here
as i found you thru of blog of a blog
of a blog...
but i have to say,
that package would make me do a little
dance of delight
and i'm certain it will have the intended effect on its recepients :)

i LOVE the apron...too cool

telfair said...

I completely agree -- not just receiving the sweet & thoughtful little gifts, but how beautifully they're wrapped and presented! It's a true art form.