Sunday, November 06, 2005

Paper Source Favors

I took a Paper Source workshop today - Fabulous Holiday Favors. Here are the results

Additional info, for those that are interested. (Sorry if this sounds like an ad for Paper Source, but after all, it is one of my most favorite stores!)

1) Glassine envelope favor (top left): The course instructor, Dariana Cruz, prepared most of this favor for us to thank us for taking the workshop (how sweet is that!). It contains a cute cat magnet. The circle stickers were also used on the tag by first folding them in half along an inch wide strip of paper and then cutting the tags from the strip.

2) Purse favor (bottom left): Cute box design. Dariana suggested we use watermark stamping on some of the projects, which I was not familiar with (I'm probably behind the times - though none of the other class participants had heard of it either). Very neat-o.

3) Wine glass placecard (center): Dariana pointed out how her first stop for making favors is usually the 99 cent store (always my first stop as well). The glasses were two for 99 cents. Paper Source's silk ribbon is close to 99 cents a yard - only $1.10/yd. It's not sold online, unfortunately, but for sure adds a classy touch to any gift/favor.

4) Take-out box favor (top right): Standard take-out box with ornament embellishments.

5) Magnet favor (bottom right): Making Memories page pebbles backed with great PS paper.

During the workshop, Dariana asked if I had taken PS classes in the past, and I replied no. But, she said, you've come to the store a few times. Yeah, like a few dozen times - more than I should considering how far it is from my house. It's nice to be recognized, even if it reveals your neurotic devotion to creating the perfect card/scrapbook page/favor/etc.

**Less than 50 days until Christmas! Better get started on those Christmas cards. Since I didn't buy any supplies today, guess I'll be back at PS next weekend...**

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