Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Nightfall" for Fall

Leafing through the Anthropologie catalog a month or so ago, I ran across this gem

("Nightfall" necklace, in 5 colors)

At the time, it was $228. It has now been "discounted" to $114. I had a bit of a hard time justifying this price for a ribbon and some beads, beautiful as the beads and ribbon may be. So, I took matters into my own hands, and made this

for about $17. I could have gone even a little cheaper with some Swarovski crystal beads Pudgy Beads had in stock, but they were a little small and a little too pearlescent. So, I went with some vintage glass beads instead. I'm pretty happy with the results - though I do wish the beads were a smidge bigger. Now, should I make or buy the perfect little brown (or teal?) dress to go with it...

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telfair said...

Wow!! That looks great!!