Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First signs of Christmas

Following tradition, this was the first decoration to go up

It is a little tree my Mom made for me my first year of grad school (which was also the first year I lived alone without a roommate). She painted most of the ornaments herself, which says a lot, as my Mom is not the crafty type. I always set up this tree first as motivation to continue with the rest of the Christmas decorations, knowing Mom is doing the same on a much grander scale. It's also nice to have some ornaments I can rely on to always be the same, as BT and I do a "theme tree" for our main tree each year. This year's tree will either be very unique or very tacky, or hopefully a combination of the two. We may have it up on Thursday, but more likely on Sunday. Now it's back to the glue gun and glitter!

1 comment:

telfair said...

That made me miss my own mom!!
And snow.