Tuesday, November 22, 2005


(imagine picture of ticket stubs - now you just get a printout from your home computer that is not very photogenic)

The concert last night was awesome! Great seats (thanks, Tuan!) - a little bit of a sticky situation on the train (our friend Cristina sat in gum), but other than that a great evening with Martin and David and that German looking dude, whatever his name is. Do you know I didn't see one pair of Docs, though? A little surprising. I was a NaNa kind of girl myself (trying to be different from the people that were trying to be different - you know). Now NaNa makes typical women's boots - I guess we're all getting old and boring. You kids today don't even know how hard it was to be cool back in the day. We didn't have stores like Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters. We had to make our own bondage skirts, altered t-shirts, and metal purses. You can thank us for paving the way - you ungrateful punks! Just kidding - I love you all, and it makes my day to see a girl with Henna-dyed hair falling in her eyes, wearing her favorite band's t-shirt, and Joey Ramone-style jeans.

Now if my old bones can recover from a late night of singing/shouting and dancing in order to get to work relatively on time...


> Intro
> A Pain That I'm Used To
> John The Revelator
> A Question Of Time
> Policy Of Truth
> Precious
> Walking In My Shoes
> Suffer Well
> Damaged People
> Home
> I Want It All
> The Sinner In Me
> I Feel You
> Behind The Wheel
> World In My Eyes
> Personal Jesus
> Enjoy The Silence
encore #1
> Somebody
> Just Can't Get Enough
> Everything Counts
encore #2
> Never Let Me Down Again
> Goodnight Lovers

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telfair said...

Brings back memories, for sure!!