Thursday, November 03, 2005

Crafty Carnage

As mentioned is a previous post, I have been trying to transfer all of my craft stuff into a now empty hall closet. This has proved to be a difficult task, namely because previously I had an entire room to store all my crafty paraphernalia and half-finished projects. It is sooo difficult to part with things that I have held on to for many years, and knowing that one day I will wish that I kept my pack of cowboy stencils, for example. But, I know I am making the sacrifice for the greater good - to have a swanky tiki lounge for entertaining!

(Not our room...yet)

In addition to paring down my supplies, I have also been transferring the items to storage containers that fit better with the color scheme and style of my modest space (not to mention finding containers that physically fit in the closet). Here is the aftermath of the relocation

Anyone in need of storage containers? I guess I can ask if any of our teacher friends need them. Or I could leave them out in our alley, and the Alley Fairies would whisk them away before dawn. It would be nice to know they were housing somebody else's collection of bits and baubles.


my house is cuter than yours said...

I love that book 'Pad'! I stare at that Tiki room page and just dream about lounging and sipping mai tai's ! ha ha. Thanks so much for the ultra sweet comment you left me about the costumes!

Humuhumu said...

Enjoy building your home tiki bar! It's such a fun project. The tiki bar pictured above actually belongs to a friend of mine, Dale Sizer. I once had a The Humuhumu Room, but I moved away and now my tiki bar is in boxes. I'm hoping to rebuild soon, myself. Be sure to check out the series I'm writing!