Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Random Find

So, wandering around as Martha Stewart last night, footing it to various parties throughout the neighborhood, I stumbled upon this find:

As in this picture (though at night, of course), the painting was propped up against a tree in somebody's front yard. I asked my friend "Pancho Villa" (usually know as Rodney) to ask the people sitting on the front porch if I could have the painting, as it seemed as though it may have been left in the hopes that a new owner would come ambling along, as I did. The people said yes, and I walked around the rest of the night with a giant painting under my arm. As we were walking away, somebody said that the painting was of the tree it was propped up against. That does not seem likely, as the tree in question was a palm tree, and the tree in the painting obviously is not ( I may have been a little far gone at this point, but I'm not a moron, no matter how much "Witch's Brew" I may have had).

The purpose, you may ask? Well, I've longed to have a wall of old amateur/ paint-by-number paintings, like this:

("The Comeback of Kitsch," ME Home Companion, May 14, 2001 - the bright and fun house of Sarah Kammlah)

Now that we have our Tiki Room in progress (I swear we're still working on our project rooms! Just don't have much time for redecorating anymore, it seems), we have a place for the few paintings we have collected thus far. This one is a little big, and not super kitschy (though it was painted in 1965), but it has such a great story attached to it now, I couldn't leave it behind.

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my house is cuter than yours said...

Holey moley! I LOVE that painting!