Monday, October 10, 2005

No work today!

Being a government employee, I did not have to go to work today - yeah! We had the day off in "observance" of Columbus Day. Despite my feelings of the subject of his "discovery", I was glad to have a day off.

I spent most of the day shopping for storage containers for my Crafty Cupboard. It seems kind of counter-intuitive that I am switching out some of my nice, solid plastic storage bins for Ikea
paper boxes, but the cardboard ones are more befitting of the style that I am going for. The closet is painted, and BT has started the design of the cubby system and desktop. He even thinks he can make the desk fold out so I can actually use it - wow it's great to have a hubby that is into woodworking!

I felt that I should work on some craft today, as it is not often I have a whole day to myself. So, I finished the knit part of my wild stripes baby blanket, and blocked it:

Hooray! I'm glad this blanket has binding, as the raw edge is pretty unattractive. Now I have to address the issue of the fabric backing. I had been searching since I started the blanket, and could not find anything close to the absolutely perfect fabric that Kristin used in her blanket. I searched online, chain stores, specialty stores, the downtown LA fabric district, and every place in between. I finally settled for this:

I was originally against anything with even a speck of white in it, and then I bought something that had a white background - go figure. I just liked that all the other colors matched the stripe colors exactly. Then I saw this guy and thought I'd make him out of the scrap yarn. I know, nobody likes clowns. But, he is kind of sweet, compared to this, anyway:

Right? Well, if no one wants clowns, I guess I'll keep the blankie for my own future offspring. Not that I was looking forward to giving it to someone anyway, with the impossible list of instructions that accompany a non-machine washable wool blanket. {sigh} I was excited about this project when I started! That's the problem with knitting - by the time you finish a project, you are sick of the colors, the feel of the yarn, and have memorized every little mistake that no one else but you would even notice. Now it's back to the Berroco sweater I started so long ago the yarn has since been discontinued...and try to ignore the siren song of josephine, which is quite possibly the most perfect sweater in the world. I wish I had more days off!

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