Friday, October 28, 2005

Need more pictures!

I can see my blog is becoming way too text-based. Here are a few pics of projects I am working on.

From my Woodland Critters quilt, first, the three finished "critters":

(Aunt Martha pattern)

Some fabric that will be used for the quilt - need more textured fabric (corduroy, suede, perhaps?):

and, on an unrelated craft note, tomo arigato, Mr. Roboto?

I'd like to say that these are "vintage feedsacks," or that I salvaged the fabric from an old sleeping bag (that's what the deer print looked like to me - some old sleeping bags we had) or what have you. But, no. They are just good old-fashioned Joann finds. Now, you have to give the mindless chain some credit - they really are trying!

I only went there for a last minute purchase of black felt to complete BT's Halloween costume. Surprisingly, they were out of black felt. But, I happened upon some fabrics that will work just fine for the projects I am working on. Unlike some of the stuffy, high-end fabric stores I visit, Joann is staffed by kindly, grandmothery types who always ask what I am making, and act excited when I tell them. Joann is kind of like the old friend that you feel like you've outgrown, but yet is still waiting for you to stop by and say hi.

Will post pics of our Halloween costumes tomorrow!

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