Saturday, October 08, 2005

An empty space

What is this?

An empty closet!

Something I have never seen* in our crowded little two-bedroom house. With the designation of the extra room as BT's Tiki Lounge, my craft table was displaced. I emptied this closet (i.e. loaded other already crowded cabinets and closets with the stuff that was in here), and now have the space for a crafty cupboard! I am very excited! I bought paint tonight (very girly - I will not expect any Rat Fink items or screwdrivers to mysteriously show up here and invade my space, as was the case with my craft table), and will be working on this project while BT is down in San Diego playing poker.

* Sorry for the crappy pics. There is not much lighting in this hallway, which will need to be addressed in my redesign.

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