Thursday, October 13, 2005

Car Wash Impulse Buy

Have you ever looked at the random stuff at a car wash? Of course there are expected air fresheners, tire guages, and console organizers, but often there are greeting cards, picture frames, even jewelry (why, and who picks out this stuff, I often wonder). My car wash has an entire jewelry counter, which I usually pay no attention to. Today, however, everything was 1/2 off! I picked up this little bauble on a suede cord

for $5! A very happy find for me, as I missed the glass bead class (again) at Pudgy Beads this month. Did I ever mention how lucky I feel to have two bead stores (Pudgy Beads and Ruby Tuesday Bead Company) as well as two yarn stores (Liscat and Alamitos Bay Yarn Company) within a few miles of my house? Very lucky.

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