Thursday, May 27, 2004

My great - Great Aunt

My Great Aunt Carol (just one great - my grandma's sister) died on May 7, 2004 after suffering with scleroderma, amyloidosis, and kidney failure.

Really, I didn't even know what these diseases were before I did a little research. I feel really bad that she had to suffer for so many years with these illnesses, and she was rather young (63) when she died.

Instead of focusing on the negative of the situation, I would like to share some cool facts about this great lady.

Carol was a black belt in karate, and she taught karate for many years. She taught me some moves when I was young, and inspired me to pursue karate training in college. I always thought it was cool that somebody "her age" (everyone seems old when you are 10) had to register her hands as deadly weapons.

Carol also was a toy buyer and manager of the toy department of a store in the town she lived in, Dubuque Iowa. I mean, talk about your hook up. It was always a treat to go and visit her at the store. I was always into the little cheapy toys, so was easily placated with one of those plastic animals connected to a suction cup and spring that launched into the air (or into my grandpa's head on the car ride home from Carol's store), or a Poopa Trooper or something.

Other random memories of Carol include a large dog that "lived" under her kitchen table (I think he was put in a kennel when company came over, but to me that was his permanent abode), looking for daddy longlegs in her garden, and when Carol, my other great aunt, Teda, and my grandma came up with an alternate name for "Fuddrucker's" while we were eating there.

Some things I didn't know about Carol, until reading her obituary, include her interest in Swedish weaving, crocheting, playing the piano and organ, and that she liked to cook and bake. I may have to try that Swedish weaving thing one day...

On a final note, I think it is really cool that Carol's family was willing and able to take such good care of her. And a special thanks to Aunt Teda for thinking of a way to remember another one of Carol's interests, Bingo, by purchasing special cards in her name for use at the convalescent home where Carol lived. What a great way to remember a great lady.

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